In 2021, our company's CEO tasked the Marketing Department at MSA Professional Services with creating a video to help capture the over century-long history of the organization and to commemorate the firm's 60th year of incorporation in 2022.

Over the course of almost a year, we worked with the CEO to develop a narrative of this history, schedule interviews with over 40 past and present employees, and record these interviews for posterity.

The result was nearly 50 hours of recorded footage that required thousands of miles of travel to capture in person. Over the course of multiple edits, it was condensed into the hour-long video presented here.

I was personally responsible for the site selection for each interview, lighting, rigging, audio and video recording. While I received feedback from others on the marketing team, I was the individual responsible for all of the post-production - including audio syncing, editing, and the creation of multiple motion graphics and animations included prior to the final edit.

The end product was shared with over 400 employees in June 2022 and was well-received by both staff and our CEO. In a personal note of thanks, he commented on our thoughtful approach and the clear effort put into making something special. "It balanced the informational part of the story while providing a very uplifting message throughout," he commented. 

This video is now part of the marketing collateral used to help onboard potential new clients who want to learn more about us and the new employees that the firm wants to bring into the culture as quickly as possible.

Additional footage from the interviews gathered for this project will be used for continued marketing collateral in the future.
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