In celebration of Employee Ownership Week 2019, I was asked by the ESOP Committee at MSA Professional Services to produce a video that promoted MSA's employee-owned culture.

To accomplish this, I wrote a creative brief that outlined the opportunity a video like this would create, identified the audience, publishing channels, approximate length, goals for the video to accomplish, and potential outcomes.

With the help of the ESOP Committee and MSA leadership, we identified over a dozen employees to interview about their experiences working for MSA and I drafted questions to ask them.

I traveled to three different offices in the upper Midwest and spent time interviewing several employees. I staged, lit, and recorded every shot. I cultivated almost 4 hours of footage that I then color corrected, modified audio, and edited down to approximately 9 minutes in Adobe Premiere. I also created animated title cards and lower thirds in After Effects.

The video was shown to all employees as part of the kickoff event for Employee Ownership Week 2019 and was met with high praise.

We plan on pulling elements of this video and clips left out of this draft to use for MSA's website and social media channels as part of our employee recruitment efforts as well.
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