As part of their annual celebration, I was asked by event organizers with MSA Professional Services to develop a slideshow that captured the various project successes and employee engagement events over the course of 2019. This video was to be used as a backdrop during a holiday party reception.
In previous years, a simple PowerPoint slideshow was run through a couple of televisions. I opted to do a dynamically-animated presentation using Adobe After Effects.

Over 150 photographs were distributed across 8 different sequences. Placed in three dimensions in the layout, the camera was then programmed to "float" from one photo to the next. Coding expressions were used to create the feeling of handheld movement. Below is a sample of one sequence.
In between sequences were pieces of animated text with holiday greetings and messages for those in attendance. And example of the animated text is below.
Lastly, to add texture and interest to the slideshow, I also created snowfall using one snowflake graphic and After Effects particle animation capability. Light and dust effects were also added to the foreground and background to create additional depth. The full rendering of the snow effect can be seen below.
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