In an effort to promote MSA Professional Services GIS Department, I was asked to put together a promotional video that department representatives could show to potential clients.

The challenge in producing this video is that the department had a bullet list of talking points that they wanted to address, but not much in terms of a narrative that connect the dots between them. They were also limited in terms of video assets that could be used to engage the viewer.

From their list, I wrote a script that introduced a potential problem to the audience and detailed how MSA's GIS Department could help solve them. I then recorded my own voice over of that script, edited the recording, and used it in this video.

Absent any visual collateral during the draft phase, I included several b-roll clips from various stockhouses. Confronted with the economic reality of publishing a video with that much stock footage led to greater collaboration with the the department where photography assets were identified and then lent subtle animation in the final edit. 

To further help reduce costs, we identified b-roll shots that could easily be recreated ourselves. These shots include the highlighting of text on a monitor, shuffling papers, and close-ups of handwriting.

The video was warmly received by the GIS Department and it is now used as an introduction that helps encapsulate the myriad of services the department offers to potential clients.
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